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Jakarta Timur
Indonesia 13450
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PT. Serbaprima Tekindosejahtera Engineering (PT. STE) is one of the Contractors in Indonesia provide engineering services especiall for mechanical & electrical cosntruction and maintenance. Since ist establishment in 1993, PT. STE has been dedicating for reliabilitu and qualiti to customers and ist foal is to achieve customer satisfaction through of the best services.

The establishment is an effort to improbve our competence in mechanical & electrical construction and maintenance area to serve wider industrial markets and to expand prospective mechanical & electrical construction and maintenance business in the future. Our capabilities are also supported by good competence that was formulated based on experience to manage manpower efficiently
Vision Statement
To become the leading engineering construction contractor in Indonesia and to pursue satisfactin of all stakeholders.
Mission Statement
  • To specialize in the field of mechanical electrical construction, maintenance and engineering services.
  • To supply engineering construction service with high quality and performance for customer satisfaction
  • To maximize the expectation of the clien's organization by executing project on time, within budgeted cost and superior quality performance.
Engineering Concultant
  • The highest quality services
  • Continuous improvement of man power, technology, system, and quality.
  • Executing project and maintenance on time
Electrical & Instrument Service
The electrical and instrumentation system are vital dsciplines for factories. An excellent installation can contribute to profitability of factory operation PT. STE has executed many projects in this field. The application of our Company Proven technology heihtens the operational efficiency for any type of production system.

Mechanical Services

Improved Productivity can be result of a well installed mechanical system. In consultation with the Owner and an understanding of the production necessities, PT. STE performs everything possible to provide a system wich enhances productivity. Mechanical service activities at PT. STE are installation and maintenance... more
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